Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Out of My Comfort Zone

This month I've been planning and sampling for my rigid heddle classes, as well as weaving fabric for spring and summer jackets. But even with all the busyness, I found time to push myself way out of my comfort zone.

On a whim, I ordered a variety of alpaca yarns. Oh, my! How does anyone even begin to describe the lusciousness of this yarn? Oh so soft. And oh how I love a challenge. I think I'm at my happiest exploring and discovering. And of course I just make it up as I go along.

My first attempt was to weave a scarf and to felt it. Now everybody and their sister has been felting for years. Believe it or not, this is one thing I've never attempted. Since felting an item shrinks it, I wove a wide scarf. When it was finished, I hated it! It was still too wide and bulky. But the next day it seemed to want to be a garment. So I cut it in half and made it into a cape and finished it with an elk horn button.

I love it now! But, alas, with the felting some of the softness disappeared as well.  I've warped the baby wolf loom with more of the alpaca yarn and I'm weaving a scarf in a loosely woven undulating twill to wear with the cape.

I have no idea where this is taking me? These pieces are so different from my current offerings that they may never be duplicated. But I've had the amazing experience of following my heart and letting it lead me to a new place of discovery.