Thursday, September 19, 2013

Squirrel Picnic and Croshades on Aliens

Once upon a time, I lived in Virginia. In my little weaving studio in the woods I had an apprentice named Jennifer. She was an art student whose creative brain never stopped. She constantly reminded me to not take life too seriously.  Fifteen plus years later and she's still making me laugh. Check out her blog, Squirrel Picnic, where she creates wild and wacky critters in crochet who have all sorts of adventures AND she gives away free patterns so you can make them too. 
This alien didn't have ears
so I had to hold them on
In a recent post from this summer she designed a pattern for crocheted sunglasses she calls "Croshades" to protect the eyes of poor objects d'art who never get a break from the sun. Read all about it here!

She challenged her readers to make their own croshades. I couldn't resist the challenge. I  crocheted a couple pair of my own and took them along on a recent visit to Roswell's Alien Museum.

Like her Facebook Page too while you're at it!