Sunday, September 7, 2008

From Ribbon to Chenille

I've decided to discontinue my "Simply Ribbon" designs. The ribbon yarns have become quite pricey and most people are "over" the novelty yarns. I really loved the challenge of weaving with something knitters were using and the garments were fun to wear. But the phase has passed and it's time to move on. I will still do special orders until my stock yarns are gone. After that, for an additional charge, I will still take custom orders.

Rayon chenille is a fabric that is timeless and much more practical. So I'm switching back to mostly chenille. I want to do some experimenting with bamboo yarns and maybe I'll even offer something in corn and milk by next fall. But for now, I'm enjoying playing with new color blends and designs and dyeing techniques with my trusty chenille.

This new design I've decided to call a Shoulder Shrug. It can be worn three ways - with the long edge to the side - point in front as a poncho look or draped in front as a cowl neck scarf/neck warmer. It can be ordered with or without fringe.

I've had lots of fun designing these new scrappy jackets and you'll certainly see more of this type of garment in the near future.