Sunday, August 14, 2011

Boho Jacket

Here's my newest -- introducing the Boho Jacket! I started with a warp of flax blend and wove the weft with rayon chenille. I used light colors of yarn which just about drove me crazy since I get extremely bored weaving light colors.
I decided to play with folding and wrapping to resist the dyes. Okay, it's really tie-dye but I think it works with this style. Here are the cocoon-like pieces just before I placed them in the dye bath.

For the sleeves, I used office clips. I really like the little lines they created on fabric. I dyed that piece in black dye but with the yellowish undertones of the base fabric, it looks more brownish-black.

Dye pots processing.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation Projects Finished

Vacation has ended and thanks to this project, my hours in the car flew by quickly. After almost 15 years of carrying these little balls of yarn around with with me, they have finally become something I can use. As I always do, though, I'm second guessing myself on the placement of color. If I could unravel it and start over again, I'd use a different approach. But I really think it works just fine the way it is.

For variety, I packed my drop spindle and practiced my spinning. Here's a picture of the balls I spun from the sample pack of Merino wool roving I bought at Fiber Fiesta. The ball on the front left is Merino and silk. I have much to learn before my spinning is perfected but I had fun doing it.

And now it's back to studio work. I'm dressing the loom and preparing my plan for the month ahead.