My studio in Roswell, New Mexico is currently in transition.
If you're interested where I am working and teaching currently, follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

I am not the greatest at keeping up with my blog but I will try to update with a new post every few months.

If you're interested in classes in your area, you may contact me via email or phone listed below. I am willing to travel.

For my New Mexico students and customers, I hope to return this fall, 2016.
Contact me at: or Phone:  303-908-7530


 Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lois, checking in with you to see if I have the right person . . . are you the one I connected with years ago when doing Weaver research with David Weaver from AL? i wrote A Weaver's Sourcebook in 1997. Would love to put you in touch with another Weaver weaver!

    1. Hi Mary Lou. Yes, I am that Lois Weaver. Good to hear from you again. I'd love to meet another Weaver weaver! Perhaps related?