Classes Available
~Classes can be scheduled with a minimum or 4 and maximum of 8. I can also travel to you. Contact me for information.~


Beginning Weaving Classes/Workshops

Part I - Learn to Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom --Make A Scarf or Infinity Scarf!

In this fun day and a half class, you’ll learn to set up a loom and weave a scarf. Using a rigid heddle loom, you will experience all the steps of weaving a scarf from start to finish. By the end of the class, you will have a good idea of what weaving is all about, and go home with a finished project! USE OF A RIGID HEDDLE LOOM IS INCLUDED.

Part II - Going Beyond Your First Project (1/2 Day)

Now that you’ve been introduced to weaving, this next class will give you the tools to design and weave on your own.
You’ll learn:
. all about yarn and fibers
. how to create your own projects by calculating correct yardage
. how to weave more than one project on a single warp
. how to finish projects with hems and fringes and much more

Woven Fabric Strip Table Runner Workshop

This is a great cross-over class for quilters. In this day and a half workshop, beginners and experienced weavers are welcome. Rigid Heddle Looms will be provided or bring your own at least 15 inches wide. Learn to weave using fabric strips. Take home a finished table runner with your choice of fabric. This is a great way to use your fabric stash or consider it a good excuse to buy a beautiful jelly roll of your favorite colors. 
Fringy Cowl (Previous weaving experience required)

Are you a new weaver tired of weaving scarves and rectangles or just ready for something new and trendy? In this class you’ll learn a quick and easy method for direct warping using two alternating types of yarn and learn to weave this cute cowl.


Rigid Heddle Weaving Technique Classes
Must have weaving experience on a Rigid Heddle Loom. Each class builds on the next as you practice setting up your loom, learn a new technique, and  weave a new scarf.

Sampler Scarf

In this class you’ll set up a project using yarn with long color repeats. You will learn how to align the colors for a faux ikat or pooled effect in the warp.You’ll experiment with pick-up patterns and pile (loops) and other techniques in the weft and instead of just a sampler, you will make a fun and wearable scarf.

Pattern Floats/Lace Variation Scarf or Cowl
In this class you’ll go beyond the basics of plain weave, learn to use a pick-up stick and a simple pick-up pattern to create a lace pattern scarf.  


Log Cabin/Color & Weave Effect Scarf


Learn the magic of color and weave. By alternating dark and light threads you will learn to manipulate the design to create log cabin blocks. We will look at other ways to create patterns with this technique as well.

Weave a Rainbow; A Color Workshop for Weavers

Do you struggle with where to start in choosing colors and pleasing color combinations for your weaving projects? In this class we’ll explore the color wheel and how colors interact in woven cloth. We’ll set up and begin weaving a scarf using the hues of the color wheel. You’ll see firsthand how visually the colors change where the weft crosses the warp in the final woven cloth. The outcome will be a scarf you can wear.

 Zoom Loom Classes

Zoom Bloom

In this 3-4 hour class we’ll learn how to weave squares on a zoom loom and make a flower pin which we'll embellish with beads or buttons. Looms are provided.







Stellar Cowl
In the first class you will learn how to weave squares on a Zoom Loom/pin loom and begin weaving the squares. You will return with your squares finished for the final wrap up session. You'll learn how to sew the squares together and be introduced to the many ways you can use these squares in other projects.