Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Change Is Good, Right?

Frances and Yvonne have come and gone. After making handbags from my scraps for my Christmas openhouse, Yvonne decided to start her own business making handbags. She moved into Timeless Treasures on old Route 66 to be more visible to the tourists in town. I wish her well.

Jan is set up in the back room with her slab roller. She moved her design area for her fused glass into the front room where she can also enjoy the music while she works. She comes in two to three days a week.

Several weeks ago my beautiful glass shelves which displayed my yarn, fell off the wall. What a huge mess! It's an old building and in spite of Carl's effort to install them properly, the wall was just too old to hold the weight. The only damage was a few broken pieces on my warping mill. I've replaced them and cleaned up the mess. Now I will have to be happy with light-weight wire closet shelves. It's not as neat. The ends of the yarn fall through the openings. But it's a studio, right? It's not meant to look neat all the time! I'm just happy to have my yarn up on the wall where I can see it and be inspired by the colors. As I weave, I usually am planning my next project.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catching up after a long absence . . .

After the holidays Carl and I traveled to Borrego Springs, California, to reunite with my singing buddies, Billie and Willy. What a wonderful time we had singing together.

I made a couple of new friend - incredible women. They fell in love with my scrappy serape coat. It looked great on both of them. I haven't introduced this one to the stores yet as I have been testing it. After their reactions, it's definitely on my list of things to make before fall.