Friday, November 6, 2009

A Comfortable Rhythm

I seem to have settled into my usual winter rhythm of setting up the loom, cutting off the fabric, dyeing the fabric, and finally sewing the fabric into various garments and finishing scarves. As I sit at my loom and feast my eyes on the brightly colored yarns on my shelves or the finished garments waiting to be shipped, I imagine new possibilities and designs begin to form in my head. There's always the tension between working on the new ideas that come to me - and repeating what I know will sell.

As this week ends, I feel a great sense of accomplishment after looking around at the finished items. I love this rhythm - this is why I do this. The payoff isn't always monetary but the joy of seeing the work of my hands come to life and knowing each item will put a smile on someones face, if only my own - that is why I do this!

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