Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little Balls of Yarn

I found these balls of yarn hiding in my old trunk while unpacking my studio. I've been toting them around with me since the 90s waiting for the perfect inspiration which so far had elluded me. They're the end result of a color triangle dye study I did while studying fiber arts. Sixty-five different colors of 1 ounce balls of yarn, to be exact. They started as a natural gray 2-ply worsted wool from Brown Sheep.

Over the years I would pull these out intending to weave or knit something, but I just loved looking at all the beautiful colored balls together. Several times I even began a project that I didn't like so I unraveled it and and once again stored away these little balls.

At last, the time has come. I've begun knitting this 10-stitch blanket I found on Ravelry. I'm not much of a knitter. I'm the one who starts knitted projects and never finishes them. But once I figured out how to literally turn the corner on this one, I decided I really like it. A road trip is in my near future and this seemed like just the thing to take along. Hopefully I can post pictures of the finished blanket soon.

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