Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Weaving Classes

So I finished teaching my first ever weaving classes. My evening class lucked out. There were only two so they received much more personal attention.

Toni & Marian with their final projects
With nine students in my morning class, it kept me hopping. I learned so much about teaching. No matter how organized, things don't always go as planned. Every problem seems to make its appearance at once and you gotta be ready to problem solve on the fly. But, success is seeing the excitement on a new weaver's face when she finishes her first scarf and drapes it around her neck. Ah yes, that was the best part.

We're missing a few at this last class. What a fun group of ladies!
My students were kind to me but they really were my guinea pigs. The next class will have the advantage of my "working it out as I went" this time.

And the best part of it all is passing my love of weaving on and hopefully a few of them will keep learning.

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