Monday, April 1, 2013

Throw The Shuttle, Beat The Threads

Ever since leaving an office job to study fiber arts, the loom has been my constant companion. And fibers and colors have been my inspiration. 

I do periodically find myself immersed in a creative project on the computer using digital photos and Photoshop. And yes, I get a bit compulsive when I'm working on one of these projects, I hardly come up for air. I have this thing . . . I don't want to stop until it's perfect, especially when it's a commission.

But today, when I finished the computer part of the project, all I could think of was my loom waiting patiently in the corner.

The rhythmic throwing of the shuttle and the beating of the threads into place were just what I needed. No need to think. No need to obsess. No deadline. Just "throw the shuttle, beat the threads, throw the shuttle, beat the threads, throw the shuttle, beat the threads . . ." Ahhh, this is my meditation. This is the space I need right now. This is the way it's been done for centuries, one thread at a time produces a cloth.

And this is where the woven cloth and technology meet.

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