Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Border Collie from the "Woof" Collection Sampler Part 2

Finished Cowl
Now if I only had a border collie, we could coordinate!
When I finished the first sampler scarf, I had a lot of yarn leftover. I had no idea how much so I decided to make a short warp the same width as the first project and just see what I'd get.

I warped the loom, lining up the blocks of black and white just like I had done in the scarf sampler.
You can see by the shuttles how much of the black and white yarn I had to work with after warping.

Here the black weft begins covering the jagged edges of black warp threads
where it begins to moves to white.
Almost immediately the little patterns begin to emerge.

Looking down at the jagged area
where the section of white gradually becomes black.

Next, I mixed it up by weaving with two shuttles in the white section; one pick black, one pick black and white. That was interesting.

White stripes appear wider apart than if I was using only one shuttle. 
I switched to one shuttle to weave with the last of  the black and white yarn.

Once again those little lines appear in this section

I finished it out with a section of black weft.

So there it is. Just long enough to make into a cowl. I loved this project on so many levels. Just going with the flow and playing with techniques is always my favorite way to work. And then the yarn. This Ancient Arts Yarns superwash, 3-ply fingering/sock yarn in merino was soft and yet not too stretchy to use in the warp. After wet finishing it was even softer. The fabric drapes nicely. I will definitely weave with this yarn again.

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