Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back in My Studio with New Ideas

Since moving to Tucumcari, I've somehow managed to be gone at least one week every month. Even though these trips were mostly unplanned, I really do love to travel. My little secret - I'm a gypsy at heart. But even more important is the fact that I always return refreshed and ready to get back to my looms with great new ideas. Right now I have more ideas than I have time to pursue.

This week I returned from my family reunion in Alabama. While there I enjoyed the green grass, big trees and humidity but I was more than ready to return to the beauty of the big open skies and the west.

My latest projects have included shibori dyeing on chenille and designing new garments. I'm still working on the name for this one from my newest line called Scrappies. I will probably call it an Asymetric Cropped Jacket. I'll also offer it in a longer style as well. The fabric on this one was dyed using the fold and clamp technique called Itajime. I want to work more in this technique in future projects.

Jan has become my idea person. So thanks to Jan for this next great accessory item. Still unsure of its name but for now I'm calling it a capelet. The fabric on this one was loom controlled shibori. I got more dye on the bound fabric than planned but I really do like the results. This can be worn with the seam to the
side or to the front for more of a poncho look.

This scarf on the right was created using loom controlled shibori with the dyes painted on weftwise. Again, I intended to use less dye but I was pleased with the final results. I think more than anything else, I love the dance between the plan and the final result. It's that surprise element, that newness as each piece is born and it's the rush I get that keeps me dancing.

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