Sunday, July 6, 2008

Too Busy To Blog!

My studio has been buzzing with activity and I've totally forgotten to update my blog. So sorry to anyone who may have been paying attention. I currently have three looms with projects progressing. New color combinations continue to excite me so things change often.

Jan Honeycutt is now my assistant/partner. I've been out of town at least one week each month and she's been there to keep the studio open. Carl, my husband, has moved his glass kiln and supplies into my office and has been teaching Jan to fuse glass. She will be making my glass buttons as well as other pieces of her own design. Jan has also moved her slab cutter into the back room where she will be creating her own pottery pieces. Unfortunately, learning to weave didn't work out for her due to her recent shoulder surgery.

Francis Lucero has joined the fun and become my weaving apprentice. She's learning quickly by weaving scarves on my small Harrisville loom. Her scarves will soon appear in Art Space under her own label, Handwovens by Francis.

I recently visited my friend Irene at Cotton Clouds in Safford, Arizona. I returned with the newest organic yarns made of corn and milk, of all things! Who would have ever dreamt it? In honor of my farming backgound I plan to weave something with these real soon.

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