Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Beautiful Day in Santa Fe

I just returned from a quick day trip to Santa Fe. What a perfect day in the city with sunshine and cool breezes. I visited the farmer's market and purchased some beautiful spring mix greens. I had a delicious Spanakopita at the Plaza Cafe, and fantasized about having a taste of all of their simply gorgeous baked goods. Then a stop at Whole Foods and sweet Bing cherries, Trader Joe's for a package of salmon and I am ready for a delicious and healthy food week here in Tucumcari. Oh how I used to take all these things for granted. Not anymore!

I also stopped by Handwoven Originals to see how the season is progressing there with my chenille pieces. I was wearing my newest flax blend scarf which I shibori dyed this past weekend. They liked it and want more pieces with this fabric for the summer. So I'm really excited to get to work producing more items from this great new fabric.


  1. I love the green blend! It's very pretty!

  2. You know, I'm stepping outside of my box. I usually prefer jewel tones and high contrasting colors. But I really like how effective this subtle color blend of greens turned out. Glad you like it too!