Monday, October 19, 2009

Many Roads - Many Directions

Oh my, it seems like ages since I last posted here. I just returned from two weeks visiting family in the East. It was great spending time with them again. Fall is so different there with the beautiful colors of leaves, the smell in the air and the moisture. But now I'm happy to be back in my studio even though it's a bit overwhelming.

I have so many ideas, so many options and so many directions I could take. I'm spending this week, first of all cleaning up my work space of the clutter and then planning. If I'm not careful, my creative mind will go in too many directions and create only chaos and frustration. Getting the ideas on paper first and creating the plan next is where I am right now.

It seems the time is right to move forward with my images on fabric - specifically inspirational scarves. I've received wonderful feedback on my "Live in the Moment" scarf posted previously. Thanks to all for the encouragement. I am actively taking the next step to move ahead with more of these and who knows where it will take me. Stay tuned and we will see where this road leads.

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