Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Circle-of-Friends Scarf

Well, it has happened again! I've been asked to create another Circle-Of-Friends scarf. I'm always surprised at how meaningful this process is for me each time I design a new scarf.

I thought today might be a good time to describe how my Circle-of-Friends scarves began.

At a time in my life when I needed it most, I was invited to participate in a women’s group. We danced, played, and shared meaningful passages. We spoke of passions, deepest longings and pain. At the conclusion of each gathering, a circle was formed and anyone who wished, would enter. A simple silk scarf was placed on their shoulders as we slowly encircled our friend sending out our silent prayers and wishes.

Later, when my sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer, many of our female relatives were scattered around the country. Feeling helpless, and from a desire to demonstrate our shared support, we gathered the messages we would give if we could be there with her. I incorporated the messages into the design of a silk scarf to encircle her as if we were there in person to show our love. The Circle-of- Friends scarf was born.

With each scarf, my intention is that the recipient find comfort and deep meaning as they face their journey of healing. And the giver, whether from one person or a group -- may they know they have literally surrounded this person with their love.

After receiving multiple requests for these scarves, I'm considering offering these scarves as a part of my product line on my website.

This "live in the moment" scarf will be donated to a silent auction for Longmont (Colorado) Hospital's Health Center for Integrated Therapies breast health campaign called "Be your Breast Friend". The auction will raise funds to further the campaign and potentially launch a nationwide effort to prevent breast cancer.

My daughter, Brooke, is currently doing her internship at this Center and I am thrilled to be one of the contributors to this worthy cause. I feel certain this scarf will find its way to the right person.


  1. The "live in the moment" scarf is absolutely GOREGOUS!! You are so unbelievably talented and do such beautiful work!!

  2. Sometimes these things are just meant to be and I don't feel like I can take the credit. This was one of those projects. I trust it will be an inspiration to the person who receives it. I'm happy you've also found it inspiring!

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  4. Thanks for those kind words. I also checked out your website. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the intricate work that is offered there. Having also played around with ikat myself, I understand the time and skill needed to produce these beautiful scarves. I wish you much success.