Friday, March 5, 2010

Bamboo Samples

I've finally come up for air. This last month has been the busiest I've been in a long time with a trip to Denver where I went to Market to investigate buying clothing for a boutique here in my studio space. I've been busy contacting reps, gathering information, phone calls, emails and so on. I never knew there was so much detail involved in opening a store. At this point, it's still just an idea.

In addition to that, I've managed to weave and sew a few more garments. I have an order for a shawl with a lace weave. So with the remaining yarn on my shelf, I've been sampling. The first attempt was an Atwater-Bronson Lace pattern at 19 ends per inch.This pattern really didn't suit me, so the next sample I tried was a Huck lace pattern and sett it at 15 ends per inch. I loved the soft interlacement and the drape is lovely.But I needed to be sure so I wove one more sample with another color weft since I'd used up all the light blue. This one was at 20 ends per inch and felt stiff with no drape at all. It reminded me of placemat fabic - not good! The yarn has been ordered and I'll use the Huck Lace at 15 ends per inch and make a test scarf before I attempt the final piece. I'll try to post pictures as soon as it's finished.

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