Saturday, September 3, 2011

At Summer's End

Summer has come to an end and even though it's taken me away from my studio, I've had a blast traveling back and forth across the country. I always return inspired.

And again we embark on a road trip - this time to San Diego. While Carl attends a conference, I have the luxury of exploring the city. And it also just happens to coincide with the San Diego Quilt Expo at the Convention Center. I'm excited that I'll be able to attend this quality textile event. What quilters are doing these days is so inspiring to me. I'll be packing my inspiration notebook in my bag for sure.
And just so you know I really have been working in my studio too - here's a photo of one of the pieces I've recently done. This is very similar to my large poncho. It's not as wide over the shoulders and has a seam under the arms to create more of a garment although very loose. I added a shibori dyed and fringed border for the sleeve effect. For a cool evening, this one would substitute nicely for a sweater.

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