Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Here's to New Beginnings

Once again, the seasons change. Transitions, change and "where to next;" these are themes I circle around more than most. I have a restless nature. In spite of the fact that my restlessness requires change, it's not always easy. Sometimes it's downright scary. Setting out to the unknown is sometimes like jumping off of a cliff, not knowing if I'll fall or fly. But I keep hanging on to that invisible thread that's always been leading me to the next place I need to be. It hasn't let me down yet. And I have no regrets.

In December 2015, Carl and I set out with an unsure future. We knew it was time to leave New Mexico and relocate elsewhere. The quest was on. So we rented out our house, packed as much as we could haul in the RV and tow car, and headed first to Arizona for the winter.

After a winter in Arizona, we landed in Michigan where Carl was occupied with family business and  I spent the summer exploring. I visited a bunch of yarn stores and soon was happily teaching weaving classes at some of those stores.

This year was also a year of losses and endings. We laid to rest both my Mother-in-law in Michigan and my Mother in Alabama. I was able to return to all my previous homes; Mississippi, Alabama, and Virginia to once again say goodbye to old friends and to my past. Now I am truly ready for new beginnings.

I arrived in Denver this week to some of the most beautiful fall weather I think I've ever seen here in the West. The blue skies are bluer than I remember and the fall leaves are at their peak. I'll be focusing most of my time this month searching for a new home and studio in Colorado and a place to re-establish my business headquarters. I will continue to post updates so you'll know my whereabouts.

Fringy Cowl
 In the meantime, I'm still selling my patterns and kits on my Etsy Store. I've just re-listed my Fringy Cowl as a kit with multiple color choices and my newest pattern, the Rustic Poncho will soon be available as a kit as well as a pattern. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with where I am and what new directions I might take.

Rustic Poncho

 And here's to new beginnings!

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