Monday, October 17, 2016

Rustic Poncho on A Small Rigid Heddle Loom

Through most of my weaving career I've had a studio in which to spread out and work, and a variety of loom sizes to choose from. Since living in an RV/Motorhome for most of 2016, I've learned firsthand the need for smaller looms in smaller spaces. So this summer I challenged myself to design a project using only the 10-inch Cricket Rigid Heddle loom that would be more than just a scarf. Building on the idea of sewing squares together as I did in my Zoom Loom Garments, I came up with this Rustic Poncho.

I started with three natural colors of wool fingering yarn. I used Bare Naked Wools, but any three natural wools would work.
Since I was limited to a 10-inch weaving width, I made three separate warps each a little shorter than a scarf.

After weaving and wet finishing, the sections were hand-stitched together. So no need for a sewing machine either.
I love the nice lightweight fabric this produced. This is not a heavy garment but more of a nice extra layer that could substitute for a sweater.
Click this link of the Rustic Poncho Pattern at my Etsy store. And kits will be available soon.

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