Tuesday, July 3, 2007


After a very fast trip across the mid-west with one fun evening in Omaha at my nephews wedding, a quick visit with my family, we now are in Grand Haven Michigan for the July 4th week. I worried a bit because my suitcase was not full like previous trips, but it's summer, after all, and no need for sweaters, jackets or sweatshirts, right? Wrong! We arrive to find cool breezes off the lake. I’m happy that at the last minute I threw my hoodie and a windbreaker in the back of the car. Yesterday we went out on Lake Michigan with relatives in their speed boat. What a lovely day to be on the water. There weren’t many boats out and the water was calm and just perfect. We motored, or should I say “speeded” up to Muskegan and had lunch at the BLT where we hear there are often Tim Allen sightings. But he didn’t appear, “sigh”!

Even though we’re technically on vacation, I’m never far from my work. I have my trusty laptop at hand for communicating with customers, and I’m planning the next project for my loom when I return.

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