Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Art Wear with "Heart"

After visiting some shops in Santa Fe, I must admit -- I felt dissatisfied. I was seeking stores that carry one of kind or limited edition clothing by designers and artisans who take pride in producing quality handmade wearable art. Most of the stores I found are now carrying mostly clothing that has been imported and manufactured with an artsy look. These items still carry a high price tag in spite of the lesser quality. To me, they lack "heart." As an example -- people shopping for fine art wouldn't dream of shopping in a gallery where prints were passed off as originals! I did see some exceptions, such as Santa Fe Weaving Gallery, and I certainly didn't visit every boutique in Santa Fe.

Over the years, I've been tempted to turn my designs over to manufacture. This would take away the satisfaction I find in making each item unique and hand crafted. The artist in me is excited by design and creation, but my roots in craft still keep me conneced to the loom and my studio.

It's seems our culture has become more focused on quantity rather than quality. Rather than collecting because of understanding and appreciation of craft, we are focused on "everyday low prices." Where do we go from here? Time will only tell.

And now I get off my soap box as you breath a sigh of relief!