Monday, May 28, 2007

May 20 -- Crown Point Navajo Rug Auction

Our stay in Santa Fe had come to an end. We dropped off the dogs to their respective caregivers and traveled north into Navajo country – our destination -- a Navajo rug auction at Crown Point Elementary School. Here every month Navajo women line up with their hand woven rugs waiting to check them in. After check-in the rugs are folded on tables where shoppers have two hours to find their favorites. It didn’t take me long to get caught up in the excitement. With pencil and paper in hand I soon had a my list.

The stimulation was almost too much so we stepped outside to enjoy an authentic Navajo Taco and then back to the excitement of the waiting crowd in the school gymnasium. At exactly 7 pm, with all the rugs piled high on the stage, the auctioneer began. It moved quickly and before we knew it, three hours had passed. I finally bid on and purchased one of the last small rugs for a souvenir.

As we stood in line to pay for our rugs, the Navajo women waited on the other side of the gymnasium to receive their well deserved money. What a great evening! We enjoyed seeing beautiful rugs, met people from all over the U.S., and got caught up in the excitement of the “how high will it go” moments. The highest rug went for over $2000 and the lowest $20. Of course these prices were lower that wholesale prices.

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