Monday, September 21, 2009

A New Season Begins . . .

Today is the first day of fall. The air is crisp,the mornings are cool and I am re-energized and ready for this new season. The only down-side is that the days are shorter, and I need more hours in my day. New ideas seem to be coming at me from everywhere. What to do. . . what to do!!! Where are the weaving fairies when you need them?

On the loom for a few more hours is another flaxies warp. Every warp has its own personality and this one certainly didn't disappoint. Right off the bat, a thread broke which is not a problem to fix with my little film canisters filled with rocks for weight and the end of the thread tucked securely under lid. That's the little white thing hanging off the back of the loom. But then a second thread broke and my fear was that I'd be popping threads for days.
What makes this yarn especially nice and textural is the way it's spun. It's thicker in some spots than in others. The flax part of the yarn also has little fibers that stick out and catch on other threads from time to time, so it can be a challenge to weave. But it was only cantankerous for a short time, and then it was back to business. The final fabric will be vests - I'm thinking, and I'll dye them in shades of red and black.

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