Friday, September 11, 2009

This Week In My Studio

In spite of a short week, I did accomplish a few things. I sewed the button on this poor purple jacket which had been waiting in the corner since before my move. Now it can find it's new home.

I draped a spot in my back room with fabric and set up lights in an attempt to get good photographs of my pieces for my new website. Alas, my photography skills are lacking. But until I make the big bucks, these will have to do!

I shipped off items so they are no longer hiding in my little studio where I seldom have visitors, much less customers. Although, I was pleasantly surpised to have a couple stop in from Atlanta yesterday. With I-40 on the south side of town, people usually just keep on driving. And even historic Route 66 is quite a few blocks from my studio. So it's indeed a pleasure to have out-of-towners find my little hide-away!

I also finished a few sewing projects that were underway. My newest invention, pictured on the right, is the next installment of the scrappy jacket. It comes to the knees and has deep side vents allowing the fabric to drape and move no matter what size you are. I love this one a lot. But then, isn't that why I make all these things? If I don't think they're great, they usually get made into something else.

And that sunlight shining in my studio is especially nice on these cooler mornings. That pretty much wraps up my week - ahhhh and now the weekend - enjoy all!

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