Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Inspiration or crazymaking?

Listening to Reasonland by Antje Duvekot from Hands Across the Water and sipping coffee from my very tall apple green mug -- On the mountains and foothills lies a new blanket of spring snow. Here in my garden everything is brilliant green from the two inches of rain we received yesterday. Since this much rain is rare here, I am reminded to enjoy this beautiful moment.

I seem to be going in circles in my studio. I start a project -- then get another idea. I drop the first project and start a new one which gives me another idea. So I drop that and off to the next inspiration. And once again total chaos reigns. When I'm in this state, it's anyone's guess where I'll find myself in the end. But one thing's for certain; when the ideas flow I'm going to go with it but, heaven only knows where it will take me. And I remember; I've been her before. Ah, yes, many times.

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