Sunday, April 22, 2007


There is a part of me
That is rooted firmly in the earth.
It is to this grounded solid me
That I now deeply bow.
For without this,
There could be no expansion,
No life giving nourishment
Coursing to my tender new leaves,
No strong stem to reach
Toward the sun.
The earth is my home for this
Incarnation, and I am blessed.
--Danaan Parry

Listening to Govinda by Jai Uttal/Ben Leinbach -- Music for Yoga and Other Joys . Finishing the last of my special Sumatra bean coffee reserved for Sunday mornings. It's spring and I love my life!

Newly turned earth from the beds where the weeds have been pulled, fresh cut tulips in a glass vase on my counter, sun streaming in through my windows and bright color all around me. This is life at its best and I am happy!

I finally got my studio cleaned this week -- at least mostly! My smurf blue shag carpet makes it difficult to vacumn up every thread with my old upstairs vacumn cleaner. But then, who can work in a completely clean space anyway? I spent some time yesterday working on an idea for a new design. Actually it's a variation on a "gypsy cape" from Peasant Chic by Esther Holderness, 1977. I'm planning to add a few garments that are loose and flowing and work for all sizes and shapes of women.

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